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Mattress Cleaning Company San Diego


Allergen Treatment and Deodorizing

Complete Floor Care San Diego has the professional cleaning experts and industrial mattress cleaning equipment for mattress stain removal of all types. Our mattress cleaning treatments can help you sleep much better and wake up energized, especially if you have allergies that might be related to dust mites and similar allergens. Our deep cleaning system removes all the dirt and bacteria.

Mattress Cleaning San Diego, Del Mar and Carlsbad

Bed Bug Removal & Treatment

Bed Bugs – bed bugs have recently returned from obscurity to live in the best home they can find - our mattresses! Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on worm blooded animals. Bed bugs are mainly active at night.

By using Allergen treatments, we remove the bed bugs that are already lurking in your mattress; in addition, allergy relief treatments are used to attack any lingering bugs or eggs. Complete Floor Care San Diego will clean your mattress with high temperature treatments.

Suffering from Allergies? Dust Mites might be the reason

Complete Floor Care can clear and clean your mattress from allergens and bed bugs.

If you are tirelessly suffering from allergies, asthma, breathing problems, itchy red eyes, fatigue, headaches, and don’t know the source – consider the dust mites living in your mattress.

A female dust mite will lay about 100 eggs during the 10 weeks of life that it has. A mite will also produce twenty to one-hundred fecal droppings per day. Dust mites can cause nasal irritation and allergies.

Did you know that the average person will toss, turn, and shift positions up to seventy times during the night? All of this shifting, tossing and turning will release dust mite droppings into the air, not only from the mattress, but also from your bedding and pillows.

Airborne Allergens

Vacuuming with your household appliance, walking on dirty rugs or carpets, and even changing your bedding can get these allergens airborne too. These allergy-causing agents will stay in the air for about two hours once they are stirred up, and you will be inhaling them during the course of the night.

In people who are susceptible to allergies, they can stimulate asthma attacks and other sorts of allergic reactions, even leading to chronic allergies.

Dust Mite Removal and Allergy Treatment

Complete Floor Care suggests that your mattress be cleaned and treated at least every six months. The dust mite life cycle repeats itself, and they will become active when you start shedding skin cells again.

Complete Floor Care San Diego offers a comprehensive cleaning service and allergy relief treatment not only for your mattress, but your entire room. Complete Floor Care San Diego will clean your mattress, apply allergen relief treatment, and denature dust mites anywhere from four to six months.

Recommended Pre-Cleaning Steps before Complete Floor Care San Diego Arrives

  • Please remove all bedding from mattress and skirting if your bed has any.
  • Please wash bedding and blankets in hot water. Feel free to us some of our anti-allergy relief treatment in your laundry to get rid of allergens.
  • Please let us know if you would like to buy our products to use on your bedding. We will happily make it available to you.
  • Please clear the room of anything fragile, breakable, and/or with personal value. Clear the area around your bedroom to help make it easily accessible for our amttress cleaning experts and cleaning equipment.

Mattress Cleaning Service and Allergen Deodorizer and Treatments

  • Complete Floor Care of San Diego will pre-inspect your mattress for any tears, stains, or any other areas of concern, and we will ask you whether there is anything in particular you want done.
  • We will completely vacuum every side of your mattress with an industrial vacuum cleaner to begin the dust mite removal process. Your mattress will be sprayed with an anti-allergen pre-spray, and we will give it enough time to take hold.
  • We then use a horsehair brush on the entire mattress surface area to work the solution into the very fibers of the mattress and help to get rid of stains.
  • All of the areas will then be rinsed with an anti-allergen all-fiber rinse for a thorough and complete cleaning.
  • All mattresses do not require to be deodorized, but we will treat your mattress with an anti-allergen deodorizer to break down any bad odors into odorless component parts. When human sweat, urine or pet smells are present in the mattress, this step will be necessary in order to remove them.
  • An allergy relief treatment will then be applied to the entire mattress which will denature dust mite droppings. Your mattress should be turned every six months, and we will gladly do this for you when you schedule regular maintenance of your mattress.
  • A protector will be applied to your mattress if necessary.
  • The mattress will then be taken off the bed, leaned up against the wall and dried, but we will take all the care needed in order to keep it off the floor and wall, and then we will put it back in place.

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